tara orlin horse trainer


Tara Orlin is a horse trainer from Norway, born 1991.

She specialize in natural horsemanship and training difficult horses who others might give up on. She is also a freerider and bitless rider, meaning - Tara does not use bits at all.

Her interest in horses started when she was 5 years old, and ever since then she has had a deep passion for both riding and understanding the horse.

Tara started out with dressage and a little showjumping. She aslo loved riding bareback and take long rides in the woods.

When she was 15 she got her first horse, not a dressage horse, but an ex race horse. This horse had many issues with this and that. She broke fences, she threw of riders, she was impossible to stop. Nobody else seemed to like this horse, but Tara did.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, the horse also had a lot of injuries and physical issues. The horse was more often sick or injured then okey. 

Tara with Buck Brannaman 2017

Keeping the horse was expensive, especially with the vet bills piling up none stop. Tara didn't have a lot of money and had to work hard to earn the money she had. Her wallet was always empty but she had something better then money, love. She also knew that nobody would want a horse like this, either Tara had to take care of the horse, or it would be put down. She decided to take care of the horse no matter what. The horse was not just a horse, it was her family, her beloved friend. This decition took her on the journey of her life.

She travelled around over the years, getting jobs and boarding at different stables and ranches. She went where the job was. A stop at her journey that really changed her life was at Sundet western center in Norway, the first Western riding stable she had ever visited. She got a job there when she was 17, where she and the horse could live at the ranch for free, in exchange for help around the ranch and with the horses and other animals. Her payment was knowledge and training.

These cowboys were like wizards, they could fully control the horses at liberty, ride them and slide stop without touching the reins. Tara was amazed. After spending 12 years with horse trainers and teachers, she had never seen anything like this. They were honest and real. They taught her how to communicate through bodylanguage and feel. They saw everything from the horses perspective, not the riders. Tara knew she had to change her ways. She thought she knew so much, but here she realised she knew very little.

She accepted that she had to relearn almost everything she knew about horses. She went from being top in her class to completely beginner.

It turned out to be an amazing time that made Tara realise that becoming a natural horsemanship trainer, was what she really wanted to be. This new passion lead her on many exciting adventures. Like working on a western ranch in Denmark, working on stables in Norway, meeting many great people and trainers. 

After 8 years of moving, learning, working hard and being broke, Tara's horse got too sick to save and passed away in in beginning of 2013, only 13 years old. It broke Tara's heart and it was a difficult time. Her purpose for the last years had been to save the horse, without her friend by her side, she felt empty. Her horse had taught her so much, not just about riding, but understanding the horse's perspective. Everything she had learned so far motivated her to keep on going and help others with difficult horses. 


Tara got very inspired by Buck Brannaman, who still today is one of her biggest inspirations.

She studied his methods for years and travelled to America in 2017 to meet him. She later went to study wild horses in Wyoming and trained with a professional wild mustang trainer.

Wild mustangs in Wyoming 2017. Photo taken by Tara


Almost a year after her first horse had passed away in 2013, she found a new friend. A two year old warmblood named Bonus. 

She soon after started her own company: Tara Orlin Horsemanship, and set out to help people and horses. In a few years she had trailer loaded hundreds of horses who had issues with the trailer, started dozens of young horses and rehabilitated several cases. It soon got known that if you had a problem with your horse, you call Tara.

She started to teach clinics in 2015 and has since then been teaching clinics all over the country.

"Any horse can learn, any horse can change. You only have to understand why the horses is acting the way it is. When you study wild horses and horse behaviour, you learn what horses are all about. With this knowledge you can communicte with them and trust them without using force or punishment.

Mutual respect, trust and understanding is necessary in a good relationship."



Tara moved to Spain in 2017 with her two horses to train Doma Vaquera with a Spanish master vaquero, named Alfonso Lopez De Carrizosa. 

She drove over 4000km from Norway to Jerez with her car and horse box and spent 8 months training with the legend Don Alfonso. 

Doma Vaquera is an art of riding developed by spanish cowboys. The goal is to have a collected horse who at the same time is capable of working with cows and bulls and react to the smallest cue. The horses need to be fast and strong and easy to ride. 

For Tara, Doma Vaquera has the best of both dressage and western. The rider is relaxed, the horse carries itself and is capable of doing amazing maneuvers. 

Tara is currently living in Andalusia, Spain at her small finca with her horses and dogs. She is training horses, teaching clinics and sharing her knowledge.