Meet my horses, Bonus High Pockets and Jack Crazy Horse!


BONUS is my faithful dog/horse. He is a really good friend and I love him more then words can describe. He is a gelding, Norwegian warmblood, his mother was a thoroughbred and his father a holsteiner. He was born a winter night in November 2011, not completely planned, hence the name Bonus. 


I bought him in November 2013 when he was 2 years old. I loved him from the moment I saw him. He had that extra special look in his eye. He was funny and curious and had a very playful mind. We quickly became best buddies and ever since then we have been together. I have taught him everything he knows which makes our relationship very special. All his life I have been the only one riding him and training him. He has never used a bit, all he knows is natural training, bittles riding and freeriding. He is also a groundwork and liberty expert. He is very smart and wise, and I trust him like a brother. 


Size: Big, around 170cm

His favorite things to do: Freeriding and running free in the woods. Be allowed to walk around free doing whatever he wants, especially when all the other horses are inside their stalls. Makes him feel like a king. Getting goodies and a good massage.

Personality: Easy going, medium spirited. Very gentle and friendly, full of love. Likes being mentally challenged more then physically. 

JACK is the horse of my dreams. He is a gelding, 10 years old, mostly American paint horse. His father was a paint and his mother was a paint mix I belive. I bought him when Bonus was around 4 years old. I was looking for a project horse, a challenge. I found Jack online and drove to see him. Bobby was his name at that time.


Bobby had had several different owners, and he had gotten the habbit of bucking and throwing his riders. He was pretty nervous and I could see that he had trust issues. He was also difficult to catch from the field, which told me that he didn't like humans too much. I took him home and gave him a new name, Jack Crazy Horse.


Bonus and Jack instantly became best friends, almost like they knew that from now on they were going to be brothers. Bonus did a great job helping me with Jack. He showed Jack that spending time with me was fun, something he should be excited for.


I knew that with a horse like Jack, I had to show him that I didn't want to change him. I didn't want to take his wild spirit away. I just wanted to be friends with him. So the first thing I did with Jack after he had settled in, was to set him free in the woods. I was riding Bonus and Jack was running free like a wild horse by our side. He was so suprised over the freedom I had given him, and ran around the woods, wild and free. From that moment on Jack startet to trust me.


After a few months with liberty training and letting him run free in the woods, I reintroduced the saddle and startet him like he was a green young horse, and I have been riding him ever since. He is an amazing horse and spending time with him is always fun. He's got a strong spirit and he loves speed and action, he is very fast and never runs out of energy. I love him very much.


Size: Medium / Small. Around 150cm

His favorite things to do: Herding cows, running free in the woods, going on hikes, discover new things. Eating.

Personality: High spirited, a lot of energy, very kind and gentle, likes playing nibble games. Loves food. 

Another member of our team is my beautiful dog Luna. She was a wild dog in Spain, but got rescued and later discovered by me. She may not be a horse, but she is with us every day, helping out with spreading love and exercising the horses by getting them to chase her around in the arena. The days would not be the same without her.